Tennis Australia Hot Shots delivered by Tennis For Kids

Hot Shots are group coaching sessions.  Red, Orange and Green Ball run for one hour with a maximum of 8 students per class. Kinder classes run for 30 minutes with up to 6 students per class.

Kinder (AGE GUIDE 3-5 YEARS)

Tennis For Kids Kinder sessions are a great way to introduce young children to organised activities and improve coordination. The focus in these classes is on having fun and helping children to develop basic motor skills, balance and ball tracking capabilities. Although the program is play based, fundamental tennis strokes are introduced, giving Kinder Tennis participants a flying start to their tennis career!


Tennis For Kids Red Ball is an introduction to tennis fundamentals in a fun, play based environment. At Tennis For Kids we introduce basic technique in the Red Ball stage, prioritising correct grips, stance and swing shape for forehands, backhands and volleys. At The Tennis Club, where possible Red Ball sessions are conducted on purpose built mini courts to encourage kids to develop control better and skill.


Played on a ¾ court, Tennis For Kids Orange Ball can be used as an introduction to tennis for older children or a progression for children who have mastered the Red Ball program. In Orange Ball, coaches continue to refine tennis technique with games and drills that focus on rallying and serving to prepare children for match play.


Green Ball is the final Hot Shots stage before moving to standard tennis balls. Played on a full size tennis court with 75% compression balls Green Ball is ideal for children looking to continue learning new skills but also engaging in regular match play. Our coaches will also continue to refine technique, teaching children, consistency, a variety of spins and efficient tennis strokes.